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Fruit and your teeth

We have all seen television ads that show a person eating something that is ‘bad’ for their teeth and then shows how a product can ‘fix’ or protect your teeth. Many of these commercials imply that fruits are an example of a ‘bad’ food that will cause sensitivity or stain your teeth. Many foods, especially fruit, have natural sugar and even natural forms of acid in them. Even with sugar and acid, these foods are healthy and good for us in moderation. As for your teeth, as long as you eat a balanced diet, and brush your teeth twice a day, you and your teeth will be healthy.


What about dried fruits?

Dried fruits in particular have gotten a bad reputation. It is true that their stickiness may be harmful to dental health because the fruit sugar stays around on your teeth longer. But, the health benefits of consuming fruit of any kind are very important for your overall health. Dried fruits are always a better choice compared to candy, sweets or other ‘junk foods’.

Fruits that are high in acid, such as tomatoes, oranges and lemons, may harm tooth enamel as the acid breaks it down over time. If you like to eat either acid containing fruits or dried fruits, it is best to do so at mealtime. If you do like to have them as a snack, be sure to be attentive to regular brushing and flossing to keep your teeth strong and healthy.


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