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What are the fuzzy sweaters on my teeth?

Plaque is what makes your teeth feel fuzzy if they have not been brushed in a while. What is plaque? How does it harm your teeth? Plaque is a sticky film that is always forming on your teeth. Plaque has […]

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International Association for Dental Research Conference

Dr. Debora Matthews (Faculty of Dentistry, Dalhousie University) presented a poster: “Kungatsiajuk: Examining Oral Health of NunatuKavut Children in Labrador Canada” at the International Association for Dental Research /American Association for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) General Session (Seattle, Washington; March 20-23, […]

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May 2012 – Community Advisory Committee meeting

Community Advisory Committee members In May 2012, a Community Advisory Committee meeting was held in Port Hope Simpson to initiate data collection activities. Debbie Martin, Mary McNally, Michelle Clarke, and Barbara Campbell then traveled to five communities – Port Hope […]

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